Psychology Day at the United Nations is a celebration of psychology in the context of the United Nations. It provides an opportunity for psychology to share with U.N. Permanent Missions, U.N. agencies, NGOs and the private sector the activities of psychologists at the U.N. and the role of psychology in addressing concerns of global importance. Psychology Day also introduces psychologists and psychology students to psychology's current and potential involvement in U.N. activities and issues.

Meet the team behind the


15th Annual UN Psychology Day!


April 21, 2022 from 11AM - 2PM EDT


15th Annual




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              Website:  http://PsychologyCoalitionUN.org

                        Twitter:    @UNPsychologyDay

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Psychology Day 2022 Program Committee



Dorothy Addae, Comfort Asanbe, Vera Araujo-Soares, Kim Baranowski, Michelle Bell, Irina Feygina, Roseanne Flores, Olivia Friedman, Ayorkor Gaba, Kalyani Gopal, Cyntia Grguric, Rashmi Jaipal, Elizabeth Kloner, Sheri Levi, Taylor Mulligan, Efrat Neter, Viviane Pecanha, Leslie Popoff, Nelida Quintero, Mrugal Shinde, Sonia Suchday, Victoria Sharpe, Janet Sigal, Walter Reichman, and Joanke van Helden


*Organizing Committee: Kalyani Gopal, Efrat Neter, Vera Araujo-Soares, Olivia Friedman, Taylor Mulligan, and Josephine Juanamarga             




Organized by, Psychology Coalition of NGOs having consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council